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Puppy Visits

Here is the very cute Brian who is visited by us 3 times a week or more. Just adorable.

Welcoming a new member to the family is always a special time and nobody loves spending time with a new puppy more than we do!

We can provide a puppy visit where we spend half an hour at your home ensuring that your puppy is comfortable and hasn’t managed to tip all his water up! We also change soiled papers or pads as required and let the little chap into his garden for a bit of fresh air. Whilst we are there we also spend most of our time down on the floor playing with him (you can see why we love puppy visits!)


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Dog Walking

Here are the most lovely brother and sister Molly and George oh my god they are just fun fun fun all the way.

Here at Contented Canines Our Everyday Walks service usually takes place close to where your pet lives. We will securely collect your dog and escort him to what we consider the best muddy pawed, sniff orientated area so that he may enjoy stretching his legs in the fresh air.

At Contented Canines we only walk three compatible dogs together, it is always a pleasure to introduce dogs who we think will get on to each other and then watch them enjoy each others company! Walks can be taken either on or with your prior permission, off the lead.

For your peace of mind we are police checked and fully insured.

Charges are £8.00 per dog on a group walk (maximum of three dogs) and £10 for a one to one walk with your dog.


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Dog Boarding

This is the beautiful willow who is staying with us for two weeks. If you look at our facebook page by god this dog can’t half swim.

Here at Contented Canines We offer a homely family atmosphere for your pet to stay in while you are away.We dedicate our time to doggy fun so the week(s) will fly by for you beloved pet.  We take away the stress from you meaning that while you are away you will know that your dog will be in the very best care.  While on holiday with us we make sure your dog as plenty of fuss, care and attention.  If your dog has any special requirements for his/her stay, please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate them.

This is a much less stressful alternative to dog kennels.