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1898144_908600139176800_1040393917104214748_nWe have had a very busy and enjoyable summer here at Contented Canines towers just shame about the Manchester weather more rain than sun.

We head into the new term welcoming three new members Ernie the beautiful Lurcher x Bedlington Terrier, Stanley the adorable French Bulldog puppy and Milo the handsome Jack Russell. All dogs have settled in very well.

All the pups are either just short of there first birthday or just entering there second year it as been a complete joy watching them grow up.
Brain the Labrador enjoys his daily walks up Wernath low with his best friend and partner in crime Pippa the labradoodle. George the Cavalier who used to throw himself on the floor and submit to everyone now leads the walk at Abney along sides his best friends Diva the Cocker Spaniel and Charlie the Cavachon. While Georges sister Molly can now relax a little and enjoy her walk more now George is a bit older. Dexter the Labrador cross and Stroop the Springer have a fantastic time chasing each other around Brabyns Park. What a swimmer stroop is.

I Say again what a pleasure it as been watching the pups grow up.

Best friends Toby the Cocker Spaniel and Buster the Beagle Cross enjoy there Tuesday and Thursdays walks around Brabyns Park, My main concern being trying to stop Buster rolling in fox poo.

Last but not least Alfie and Charlie the Collies both love finding sticks and have a swim in the River Goyt

Happy dog walking

Anthony and Emma