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Ive been doing this job for 21/2 years now and can i say what a pleasure it has been watching the older dogs make new friends and the pups grow up.
I walk between four to six dogs at a time and how they find there order in the groups is amazing to see. Dogs like Suzy and Jack and Charlie just take the place they are given, while Archie and Pippa will always challenge Alfie and
Charlie Chewsticks who like to be top dog!
Using a dog walker is a brillant way to socialise your dogs and for pups to learn the rules and have loads of fun.
Thank you my lovely owners and there beautiful dogs!

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weddingFirstly we would like to take this oppertunity to wish four of our owners congratulations on their weddings.
Stan’s mum & dad – Emily and Matt, and Stroops mum & dad – John and Fay both tied the knot this Summer.
Poor Mr Stroop is still confined to the house following pulling the tendons in both of his back legs, but his recovery is
going well and he will soon be back out on the walks.
This last month has seen some changes, we have welcomed to Contented Canines; Bailey & Milo, Greta, Suzie, Darcy and Ralph
– everyone has settled in and it has been lovely watching the new friendships blossom.