We have had a very busy end to 2017 here at Contented Canines! Chester the French Bulldog\Boston Terrier and Noodle the Cocker Spaniel have joined us! Both dogs are so well behaved of the lead and a credit to there owners!

When Milo the Collie joined us he used to bring up the rear at the back of the pack but now he has got his confidence and his interaction with other dogs is much better he leads the pack! Such a joy to see how he has come along!

Sisters Pippa the labradoddle and Darcy the Cockerpoo are spending Christmas in Rhosnigor what a lovely place to be this time of the year!

Regulars Brian the Labrador, Milo the Jack Russell and brothers Jack the Scottie and Charlie the Cavachon are a joy to look after and are never any trouble!

Its a big congratulations to Stan the French bull dog and Winston the pug who’s ¬†owners ¬†are both expecting babys at the start of the new year!

Last but not least are the two mature collies Charlie chew sticks and Dove!How sprightly are they as they enjoy there river walks! Absolute credit to there owners!

Happy dog walking days






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It’s been another very busy start to the summer at Contented Canines! We have welcomed the beautiful Collie Milo who has really settled in well on the Abney walk and the 9 month old French bulldog Bruce Springsteen.

Sisters Pippa and Darcy and Stan the frenchie have left us to spend the summer with there mums but we look forward to there return in September

Stroop the Springer has left us as his mum is expecting a baby Contented Canines wish all the best to Fay, JP and of course stroop!

I’m Amazed how sprightly the 14 year old collie Dove is!

Everyday we smile thanks to regulars Charlie Chewsicks the Collie,Brian the lab, Brother and Sisters Albert, Annie and Archie, Milo the Jack Russell, Charlie the Scotty and Jack and last but not least Winston the Pug

Happy dog walking days

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Its been a very busy start to the year here at Contented Canines, we have welcomed no less than three new team members! Dove the 14 year old collie, Winston the 4 year old Pug, and Henry the 9 month old Basset hound. All dogs have settled in really well.
Its amazing to think that Pippa, Brian, Stroop, Stan and Charlie Cavachon are now nearly three years old, all dogs have been with me since they were three months old it has been a absolute pleasure watching them grow up!

Charlie chewsticks is still as sprightly as ever and still loves his swim! Eleven years old and going strong!

The Monday crew of Albert, Annie, and Archie are as uncomplicated and easy to look after as ever and last but not least is Darcy Pippa’s little sister who is approaching her first birthday!

What a beautiful set of dogs we get to walk.

Happy dog walking days


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Well what a really entertaining and enjoyable two years it has been. I would like to say a massive thank you to our owners old and new.
I cant believe how quickly time as flown, Pippa the Labradoddle, Brian the Labrador, Charlie the Cavachon and Stroop the Springer have all now celebrated there second birthdays what a pleasure it has been watching them grow up.
Evergreen Charlie chewsticks the collie still enjoys his swim in the river at Brabyns park and is joined on the Marple walk by Milo the Jack Russell and brother and sister Alfie the Cross Terrier and Jenny the Cavalier
This month Jack the west island terrier as joined us (see pic) and is joined on the the Hazel Grove walk by Charlie the Cavachon and Alfie the Collie
Last but not least is Stan the French Bulldog who has just celebrated his first birthday and Lazy Bedlington Terrier cross Lurcher who are joined on the Hyde walk by Brian and Pippa.
Exciting news in August and September we are going to be joined by puppies Ralph the French Bulldog and Darcy the Cockerpoo, updates to follow.

Happy dog walking days

Anthony and Emma.

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Here at contented canines we have a had a very busy start to 2016. We have welcomed the beautiful big german shepherd Chinto and brother and sister Alfie and Jenny who are joined on the Marple walk by Pippa the labradoodle who is nearly 2 years old. How time as flown.

First walk of the day is the Hyde walk which is always entertaining and energy filled thanks to the beautiful boys Ernie the Bedlington lurcher, Brian the Labrador, Stanley the French bulldog and last but not least Milo the jack Russell.

Then last walk of the day is our Cheadle walk with a right group of Charlies, Charlie the Cavachon, Charlie chewsticks the collie and big Charlie the golden retriever who on a Tuesday and a Thursday are joined by brother and sister Molly and George the cavaliers and on Monday and a Thursday by the beautiful springer Stroop.

What a beautiful job I have.

Happy dog walking days.

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1898144_908600139176800_1040393917104214748_nWe have had a very busy and enjoyable summer here at Contented Canines towers just shame about the Manchester weather more rain than sun.

We head into the new term welcoming three new members Ernie the beautiful Lurcher x Bedlington Terrier, Stanley the adorable French Bulldog puppy and Milo the handsome Jack Russell. All dogs have settled in very well.

All the pups are either just short of there first birthday or just entering there second year it as been a complete joy watching them grow up.
Brain the Labrador enjoys his daily walks up Wernath low with his best friend and partner in crime Pippa the labradoodle. George the Cavalier who used to throw himself on the floor and submit to everyone now leads the walk at Abney along sides his best friends Diva the Cocker Spaniel and Charlie the Cavachon. While Georges sister Molly can now relax a little and enjoy her walk more now George is a bit older. Dexter the Labrador cross and Stroop the Springer have a fantastic time chasing each other around Brabyns Park. What a swimmer stroop is.

I Say again what a pleasure it as been watching the pups grow up.

Best friends Toby the Cocker Spaniel and Buster the Beagle Cross enjoy there Tuesday and Thursdays walks around Brabyns Park, My main concern being trying to stop Buster rolling in fox poo.

Last but not least Alfie and Charlie the Collies both love finding sticks and have a swim in the River Goyt

Happy dog walking

Anthony and Emma

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Here is our Edgeley crew:

Introducing from left to right: Pippa, Charlie, George, Diva and Alfie on the back on the right.

Other pictures can be seen on our facebook page: Contented Canines Romiley.


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The sun as finally started to shine and the wet ground as at last finally started to dry out.

Last month we welcomed Dexter a beautiful Cocker Spaniel x Retriever, He spends most his Fridays chasing his best friend Stroop the springer pup around Brabyns Park. What a swimmer stroop as turned out to be I cant keep him out the water.

Talking of swimmers now the milder weather is here Charlie and Alfie the two collies spend all there walk chasing sticks into the River Goyt.

The pups Pippa, Brian, Diva, Charlie and George are fast approaching or have celebrated there first birthday. It has been a joy to watch them grow.

Holly the cavalier just takes everything in her stride, best friends Toby and Buster enjoy there Tuesday and Thursdays walk in Strines. Toby has now developed love handles in his later years and takes it a bit more steadier than Buster.

Last but not least as usual Molly spends most her walk making sure little brother George is not getting into any bother.

Happy dog walking days.


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March is here and we have already welcomed 2 new dogs to the walking team, Stroop the springer puppy and Holly the cavalier.
Both dogs have settled in very well.

The puppies Brian the Labrador, Pippa the Labradoddle and especially Diva the cocker spaniel have grown so fast over the winter, It has been a pleasure to See.Charlie the cavachon really as a soft spot for diva.

Charlie the collie can now spend more time in the river as the warmer weather is here, while best friends Toby and Buster really enjoy there walk in Strines but are not as brave as Charlie when it comes to the river.

As always Molly as her hands full loving after her brother George who can really show a good turn of speed with those long legs.

Last but not least Sweep the cavachon as taught himself how to swim and loves diving in the duckpond,

Happy Walking

Anthony and Emma.

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November was another very busy month for us. We welcomed a new recruit in the form of Sweep the cavachon who has settled in very well in the small dog and puppy walk at Abney park in Cheadle.

What ever the temperature Charlie the collie and Brian the labrador seem to love there dip in the river Goyt.

Charlie the cavachon is always on hand to give Pippa the labradoddle and Diva the springer lots of love and kisses. Both bitch puppies are growing up so fast.

Best friends Toby and Buster really love there muddy walks at Brabyns park on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Casey and Bosley remain as regal as ever and are never any trouble.Casey as took quiet a shine to Toby

Last but not least George the cavalier as really found his feet this month he now uses them long legs to run with the big dogs.Sister molly as really got her work cut out now keeping him in line

Anthony and Emma