Services We Offer

Everyday Walks
All dogs need exercise and here at Contented Canines we are dedicated to providing just that for your pet with the upmost amount of doggy enjoyment!

Our everyday walks package is thoughtfully provided to meet you and your pets requirements. Your dog will be walked with other four legged, likeminded pooches so that they can fully experience not only a comfort break from being indoors at home but also the pleasure of seeing their play buddies who they build a fun filled relationship with! While out on the walk all dogs are fully interacted with and told how good they are and given loads of treats!
We securely collect your pet and transport him safely in our vehicle to the best muddy pawed , sniff orientated areas so he may enjoy stretching his legs in the fresh air - walks can be on or off the lead ( off lead walks do require some paperwork signed ). We only ever walk compatible dogs together and take great pleasure in watching them enjoy each other's company! Walking areas are tailored to the time of year (the warmer weather usually sees us heading to a riverside walk where the dogs can cool down once they have run some energy off!)and the weather(those same lovely river side walks are not fun for short legs when they are too slippy!)
At the end of the walk when we return your pet back home,we give him a kiss and a treat and make sure he has plenty of water on offer and can feed him a daytime meal and snacks should one be required, then when he is settled snug in his bed, we leave him to snooze and dream......

Everday walks are usually either mid-morning or early afternoon, but a walk for your pooch during unsociable hours can usually be arranged too, Prices start from £10.00 a walk

please contact us on 07931 470986 or e-mail us at to discuss your requirements

Longer walks can also be arranged, see the information under Tailored, Fun Dog Days Out!
Puppy Visits
Welcoming a new member to the family is always a special time and nobody loves spending time with a new puppy more than we do!

We can provide a puppy visit where we spend half an hour at your home ensuring that your puppy is comfortable and hasn’t managed to tip all his water up! We also change soiled papers or pads as required and let the little chap into his garden for a bit of fresh air. Whilst we are there we also spend most of our time down on the floor playing with him (you can see why we love the puppy visits!)

Charges are £7.00 per half an hour, per puppy, Monday to Friday – additional puppies are charged at £1.00 each. Charges are £9.00 for half an hour on a Saturday or Sunday

Tailored or special puppy needs can always be accommodated, contact us on 07931 470986 or e-mail us at to discuss your requirements
Elderly Dog Visits
Spending time with an elderly dog is always a joy; the affection they have to offer as they enter their twilight years is wonderful

Contented Canines offer a home visit service where we spend time with your dog, providing company and an opportunity for them to relieve themselves in their garden. We will also replace any absorbency papers or pads that your dog has used and replenish their water bowl if needed.

Charges are £7.00 per half an hour, per dog Monday to Friday – additional dogs are charged at £1.00 each or £9.00 for half an hour on a Saturday or Sunday.
Convalescing Dog Visits
If your dog becomes under the weather or is getting over an operation, it can be a worry when you have to leave them alone for any stretch of time, that’s why we offer the convalescing dog visit service.

We come to your home to give your dog the opportunity to relieve themselves in their own garden alongside checking their water bowl, replenishing as needed and providing any foods as directed. Specific creams and some medicines can be administered by ourselves but this is only when your strict, detailed instructions have been given.

Charges are £7.00 per half an hour, per dog Monday to Friday. £9.00 per half an hour, Saturday or Sunday.
Tailored, Fun Dog Days Out!
Sometimes we all just need a day away from it all!

Contented Canines (take great pleasure!) in offering Fun Dog Days Out – this is a tailored service designed to send your dog’s enjoyment level sky high!
Fun Dog Days Out can be whatever you would like them to be, recent days out have been to several beaches in North Wales and Anglesey (where the quieter environment was enjoyed) – but we can travel further afield, providing regular stops for their comfort ( if your dog can stand the anticipation of a longer wait to get their paws wet!)
We have also spent days in Macclesfield Forest, walking the Peak Forest Canal, going up Kinder Scout and walking the Midlewood Way – see our blog or gallery for the latest special walks

Our bathing suits are packed awaiting the next doggy paddle swim in the sea, they are hung alongside our walking boots which are ready for the next muddy green walk

Fun Dog Days Out are usually charged at £50.00 per day for one dog, but this is a tailored service, contact us on 07415 714670 or e-mail us at to discuss your ideas!
A Dog Taxi Service, incorporating Companion Routine Vet Visit Service.
Should your dog need to take a journey which would be easier in a car, we can help!

Contented Canines can provide a Dog Taxi Service; this can be either with a human passenger or without. We will collect your dog (and passenger) from either their home or wherever they are and deliver them to their destination in the comfort of one of our doggy friendly cars.

We can also accompany them on routine vet visits; picking them up from their home, providing reassurance at the vets whilst their procedure is carried out and taking them back home where we ensure they are fully comfortable before we depart (lots of cuddles and soft words all round)

Prices for this service are quoted upon request (don’t worry that doesn’t mean we are expensive, just that we need to discuss your requirements!), contact us on 07415 714670 or e-mail us at
Delivery of Pet Shop Supplies
Time and transport constraints mean that you cannot always make it to the pet shop to purchase the highly important dog food! Imagine the look on their face when the cupboard is bare! But wait, Contented Canines have a solution…

We can visit your preferred pet shop (supporting your local shops can only be a good thing) to collect your order and safely deliver it to your house – making sure that any refrigerated or frozen goods are properly stored and that any dried or packet foods are out of teeth’s reach!

Prices for this service are upon request, as they depend on the distance covered – just contact us on 07415 714670 or e-mail us at so that we may discuss your requirements.
Feline Services
“Happy is the home with at least one cat" - Italian Proverb

Here, here, we say!

From Persians to the honourable moggy, we adore cats – with all that purring who wouldn’t?!

For those times that you are away from the furry feline, we can help. One of the Contented Canine team will visit your home at the specified time and feed your cat to your dietary instructions, whilst we are there we will spend some time crooning over and petting your furry companion (our job is such a chore!). We will also replenish water bowls and clean cat litter trays as necessary.
If you are away for a length of time and would like your indoor plants watering or your curtains opening and closing each day, let us know as we can tailor the service we provide to meet your requirements (we even do a Delivery of Pet Shop Supplies Service, see the link on the home page for information!)

Charges per £8.00 for 30 minutes, Monday to Friday, for one or two cats, additional cats are charged at £1.00 per 30 minutes. £10.00 for 30 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday.
Smaller (but no less important!) Animal Services
Oh, the joy of a pocket sized pet! From teeny mice to giant bunnies, we cater for them all.

At Contented Canines we can provide either home visits to feed, water and play with your pet or we provide boarding in either our own or one of our specially chosen small animal lovers homes.
We can provide a daily visit to your house to replenish water and feed your pets according to your instructions regarding their dietary needs, specialist diets can be incorporated and we can even provide fresh veggies for your cavie whilst you are away. Whilst we are there we will change any cage bedding as directed by you prior to your time away and are happy to water house plants and open and close curtains, we can even put the bins out if needed!

Alternatively your pet can be collected from your home and taken to ours where their cage will be treated to prime location within the house from which we can play and cater to your pets needs

Charges are £7.50 for a 30 minutes house visit or £10.00 per night in our home.