What a joyful job.

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Its been a very busy start to the year here at Contented Canines, we have welcomed no less than three new team members! Dove the 14 year old collie, Winston the 4 year old Pug, and Henry the 9 month old Basset hound. All dogs have settled in really well.
Its amazing to think that Pippa, Brian, Stroop, Stan and Charlie Cavachon are now nearly three years old, all dogs have been with me since they were three months old it has been a absolute pleasure watching them grow up!

Charlie chewsticks is still as sprightly as ever and still loves his swim! Eleven years old and going strong!

The Monday crew of Albert, Annie, and Archie are as uncomplicated and easy to look after as ever and last but not least is Darcy Pippa’s little sister who is approaching her first birthday!

What a beautiful set of dogs we get to walk.

Happy dog walking days


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