In The Summer Time.

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The sun as finally started to shine and the wet ground as at last finally started to dry out.

Last month we welcomed Dexter a beautiful Cocker Spaniel x Retriever, He spends most his Fridays chasing his best friend Stroop the springer pup around Brabyns Park. What a swimmer stroop as turned out to be I cant keep him out the water.

Talking of swimmers now the milder weather is here Charlie and Alfie the two collies spend all there walk chasing sticks into the River Goyt.

The pups Pippa, Brian, Diva, Charlie and George are fast approaching or have celebrated there first birthday. It has been a joy to watch them grow.

Holly the cavalier just takes everything in her stride, best friends Toby and Buster enjoy there Tuesday and Thursdays walk in Strines. Toby has now developed love handles in his later years and takes it a bit more steadier than Buster.

Last but not least as usual Molly spends most her walk making sure little brother George is not getting into any bother.

Happy dog walking days.


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