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We have had some very sad start to 2018 as we have lost two of our dogs to rainbow bridge! Milo the Jack Russell and Dove the collie! We send our best wishes to there family’s who are devastated!

Team contented canines is now Milo the Collie so clever/ Raven and Brian the labs, Brothers Jack the Scottie and Charlie the Cavachon, Betty the cross collie, Evergreen Charlie chew sticks the Collie and last but not least Mr Muffin the poodle! What a complete pleasure it is to see these dogs faces every day!

We are so so lucky with the beautiful places we walk in everyday, the beautiful river at Brabyns park and the stunning views up wernath low!

Happy dog walking days


We have had a very busy end to 2017 here at Contented Canines! Chester the French Bulldog\Boston Terrier and Noodle the Cocker Spaniel have joined us! Both dogs are so well behaved of the lead and a credit to there owners!

When Milo the Collie joined us he used to bring up the rear at the back of the pack but now he has got his confidence and his interaction with other dogs is much better he leads the pack! Such a joy to see how he has come along!

Sisters Pippa the labradoddle and Darcy the Cockerpoo are spending Christmas in Rhosnigor what a lovely place to be this time of the year!

Regulars Brian the Labrador, Milo the Jack Russell and brothers Jack the Scottie and Charlie the Cavachon are a joy to look after and are never any trouble!

Its a big congratulations to Stan the French bull dog and Winston the pug who’s  owners  are both expecting babys at the start of the new year!

Last but not least are the two mature collies Charlie chew sticks and Dove!How sprightly are they as they enjoy there river walks! Absolute credit to there owners!

Happy dog walking days






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Autumn is coming and we are very lucky to have been given some beautiful puppies to look after.

Pippa the ladbradoodle, Charlie the cavachon, Molly and George the cavaliers, Diva the springer and not forgetting Brian the Labrador.

Everybody is growing up so quickly and they have all come on bundles with their walking and basic commands.

At Contented Canines our puppy care offers an experienced, caring and safe pair of hands to look after your puppy when you are out at work.

Dog Walking Stockport


dog walker stockport


Alfie being walked in Romiley by his Dog Walker Stockport.

Romiley is an area of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. It borders Marple, Bredbury and Woodley.For centuries it was an agricultural area, until the late Victorian era, when it became a residential area, with a small district centre.

The surrounds are quite rural, although it is a suburb. There are fields to the north, and Compstall, between Romiley and Marple, is home to the Etherow Country Park the largest country park in Stockport.


Romiley as four conservation areas  Barlow fold, Chadkirk, Church lane and Grave fold which are some of the most beautiful places to walk your dog.

A further conservation area adjoins Romiley at Hatherlow in Bredbury.


Happy dog walking days

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